Shaktipeeth Digital

Shaktipeeth Digital provides On-line and On-ground services to our customers to conduct their religious and spiritual rituals while visiting religious destinations, and even when you choose to stay at home but want to get the rituals done in your name. Shaktipeeth Digital also provides guidance and supervision during your religious and spiritual sojourn.

Shaktipeeth Digital is providing a host of services to fulfil the religious rituals and travel related requirements of our customers. A prominent service which we are currently providing is e-Puja Services, which Shaktipeeth Digital affiliated priests would be conducting in your name, for the fulfilment of your wishes and Puja certificate and short video clip of the Puja shall be shared with you.

We are focused on achieving excellence in service quality and customer satisfaction and follows stringent guidelines for selection of accredited priests, having five years plus experience and have completed Vedic/Yagnik studies.



You can get an expert priest to perform Pujas for or on behalf of you at the holiest sites and famous temples through online booking with Shaktipeeth Digital.



You can book a ride on the famous Udan Khatola Ropeway through Shaktipeeth Digital, to reach famous Temples.



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