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It can be a major challenge for each and every devotee visiting religious cities to find an experienced priest who can conduct the Pujas in the prescribed manner and instructions as mentioned in our holy scriptures. Our Shaktipeeth platform provides a transparent and trusted service, through which customers can book a puja in advance. This puja is then performed by our experienced Priests with all the necessary rituals. You don't have to worry about finding the right Priest, or procuring any of the things that are required for a Puja. We will take care of everything for you, organising all the ingredients, and finding a holy site to conduct Puja on your behalf. Our Priests are renowned and revered, and they follow all the relevant Vedic rituals while performing a Puja.

Organize Puja Online – hassle free

Shaktipeeth Digital provides Puja services for you and your family. For occasions such as Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Fulfilment of Special Wishes, you can book puja online hassle free.

If you are unable to travel to your preferred religious destinations for these occasions, you may also avail our e-Puja booking services, whereby these pujas will be conducted at holy sites or famous Temples by Shaktipeeth Digital affiliated priests on your behalf.


Puja Services

Kanya Bhojan On-line

Kanya Bhojan

Ganesh Abhishek On-line

Ganesh Abhishek

Brahman Bhojan On-line

Brahman Bhojan

Ganesh Yagya On-line

Ganesh Yagya

Ganesh atharvishra 108 path On-line

Ganesh atharvishra 108 path

Chandipath/Ek Chandi Hawan & Puja On-line

Chandipath/Ek Chandi Hawan & Puja

Nav Chandi Yagna & Puja On-line

Nav Chandi Yagna & Puja

Laghu Rudra Yagna & Puja On-line

Laghu Rudra Yagna & Puja

For On-line Puja Booking please Call or WhatsApp +91 9898884357 +91 63541 31917
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